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I’ve been busy putting together something analogous to a business plan, only calling it a “project plan” to show to potential funders of Project: Cancer-Fighting Gut Bacteria. I’m pretty happy with how it’s shaping up. This week is all about this particular, and very important, project. Once I am finished I will share this with my UCLA collaborator and maybe a few others to get feedback and letters of support for the appendix.

The goal with this is to take the project plan to people more used to looking at business plans than science grants and see if it’s possible to fund the project via philanthropy.

I’ve also stumbled across a terrific plan for a project dealing with agricultural soil bacteria and greenhouse gas mitigation, where my involvement would be minimal- if I manage to find success with Project: Cancer-Fighting Gut Bacteria I’ll probably try this tactic to fund other projects.

Wish me luck!

Hello, readers- I’m currently on Day Two of an interesting (free!) videocast series from NIH on microbiome studies. You can find more information here.

In other news, I’ve written a hypothesis paper for my ideas stemming from my 2014 and subsequent work on Project: Cancer-Fighting Gut Bacteria, and I am both refining these ideas, and withdrawing the paper from publication (luckily, it was rejected for lack of data, which is amusing since it is a hypothesis paper, which by definition does not come bundled with much data! I am relieved, though, since this means I can continue on with my plans for this work). I’m not going to say much about my plans other than that I am seeking funding to test the hypothesis myself, probably at UCLA. Today’s sessions at the NIH meeting have been helpful in triggering new ideas, so I may add some new details to the experiments I had in mind.

Some additional news: there’s been a really interesting paper out last year which I only just came across, dealing with soil inoculants that limit greenhouse gas production in agricultural systems: paper here. This links to an idea I had earlier but had no resources to follow up on, and perhaps if my fundraising for my cancer project is successful, I can shunt some money toward work on nosZ+ soil or manure inoculants in North America.