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Hello, readers! I’ve finished a draft of a hypothesis article, describing an idea that came out of the research started in 2014 with my UCLA colleague, Dr. Robert Schiestl. This work was partially crowdfunded (the majority of it I funded myself from a bank loan) and I called the crowdfunding effort Project: Cancer-Fighting Gut Bacteria.

The journal mSphere publishes hypothesis articles, and once I secure the names of three or more folks who would be willing to read the article with an open mind, I’ll format it for submission and send it along. I am hoping because it was not funded by a grant that they will waive page charges. It’s not as satisfying as it would have been to submit a journal article describing the experiments I actually want to do to start to test this hypothesis, but I hope that I’m able to inspire others to carry out this work, as well as find funding (still looking for appropriate grants) to see if we can do at least a bit of it ourselves.

Have a great day!