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Greetings, readers!

With all the uncertainty about federal funds possibly freezing and potential issues with co-applying for an NIH grant with my UCLA colleague, I’ve been on the lookout for other potential sources of funding. We would not need as much as an R21 grant is capped at, substantially less, in fact, to do some additional preliminary studies- and the work, if successful, would make an advance that would in theory affect many more diseases and disorders, not just cancer.

I’ve found a few promising avenues and am awaiting instructions for how to apply. Real research is so much different from Hollywood movie research, where people are able to do a decade of work in under two hours. I rather wish things could be accelerated, but unless a kind philanthropist is willing to come out of the wings and offer somewhere around $75,000-$125,000 USD to my UCLA collaborator, I am afraid this work will have to stay in stasis while we continue to look for funding.

I am optimistic that these new smaller granting agencies will work out more satisfactorily than a NIH grant application would, though.

[UPDATE: NIH funding does not seem to be frozen for this fiscal year, so it is possible I might be successful with an R21 grant- I plan to approach a variety of labs in the LA area to see who might have time and interest in helping me apply for one, and who might be willing to host me in their lab for a couple of years. This is kind of a long shot, though.]