All posts for the month June, 2016

So, readers, I have fallen off the face of the Earth lately when it comes to maintaining this blog- it’s partly due to increased duties at work combined with illness (it’s a combination which pretty much guarantees the removal of all my spare energy), and it’s partly due to the fact that I’ve been devoting some energy to working on Project Cancer-Fighting Gut Bacteria.

Specifically, I’ve re-analyzed some data and made some new observations, and all this is going into an NIH R21 grant that I’m writing with my UCLA collaborator. The new planned work is, I think, better than what I had planned before with the team of people I had wanted to work with from not just UCLA, but Duke and Guelph as well. So the work is smaller in scope, in some ways, but should have an impact nevertheless if we manage to pull off the experimental work.

The next grant deadline that we plan to aim for is in the fall- so wish me luck. I’ll be working on this over my vacation in a couple of weeks.