Hello readers! This past week was very busy for me, and I’m currently in the middle of writing a small grant for metatranscriptomics work on a project related to my paying job with the University of Guelph. However, I thought I would share this milestone with you: I received the results of my second major experiment, conducted at UCLA in the Schiestl laboratory! I’ve sent the raw data to others at the Schiestl lab as well, and plan to start the analysis as soon as I am able. This may take a bit of time as I am both trying to submit my grant proposal, and write up an important paper that’s rather overdue for submission. Once that paper is submitted I’ll have a bit more energy to spend time at home during evenings annotating the new data, and determining what it means.

I’m very pleased, though: a preliminary look at the summarized results tells me that at least two of my hypotheses, which I’ve shared with Dr. Schiestl and which I can’t disclose since I’ve signed a confidentiality agreement, are correct! Note: I have to get my interpretation reviewed by others, and I’ll try to publish if Dr. Schiestl agrees, so the work is peer-reviewed.

Project: Cancer-Fighting Gut Bacteria is, in my opinion, a success! There are additional experiments I would like to do and I am evaluating what options I have for funding them, as crowdfunding does not seem to work well for me- I simply don’t have a big enough platform to reach enough interested people in a short enough time frame.

Thanks to all who have donated so far, and I hope to continue with both reading, which helps me evaluate my hypotheses and form new ones, and the actual experiments in the Schiestl lab at UCLA on the cancer-fighting Lactobacillus strain isolated there. I’m optimistic that, for a few thousand more dollars, samples I’ve left behind at UCLA could be analyzed. This could yield enough data so that Dr. Schiestl and I can write an NIH R21 grant and get enough funding to include clinical studies. Please wish us luck! If my hunches continue to be correct, we may discover a new and potentially less toxic way to improve cancer therapies.


A big thank you from Larry (below) and myself to all the donors to my recent crowdfunding project (Project: Cancer-Fighting Gut Bacteria).  I’ve placed updated information about the project, as well as a list of donors, on this site’s permanent pages.

Project stickers and keychains were put in the mail for USA residents a little while ago, so hopefully they are reaching their goals. I will hand-deliver stickers and keychains to a few more local acquaintances. So if you have ordered something, this little guy will be appearing in your mailbox shortly, if he hasn’t already arrived!

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